Celebrate Love and Happiness

Hi all! My team and I just finished midterms, so it’s been a crazy couple of weeks. Thankfully, we have something we’ve been all been looking forward to… our Valentine’s Day celebration!

We have SO many fun ideas for Valentine’s Gifts to put in the Twinkle Totes.

Also… guess what. We’ve decided to throw the rescue mission a fairy fun (pun intended) party on the 14th! We’ve reserved a small dining space at the SDRM and we are bringing baked goods and pizza for the kids. I am thrilled to tell you our very own Abbi Archibald is baking all the goods. We are in the process of purchasing decorations so we can deck the Rescue Mission all out.

We all think a party would bring so much love and holiday cheer into the lives of everyone.

If you haven’t seen already, our local newspaper, La Jolla Light, has featured our story! We are in complete astonishment and absolutely overjoyed beyond words.

My Holiday Fairy is having a real impact on so many people and I am beyond proud of my team and I. I am ecstatic as I watch our organization grow; This is a big thank you to my community who has given me so much, I am so thrilled to be returning the favor.

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