Making Valentine’s Day even more special

Guess what you guys. We are having our Valentine’s Day celebration at the San Diego Rescue Mission tomorrow!!! After several months of preparation, we know for a fact this bash will be amazing. We have put blood, sweat, and tears into these Twinkle Totes. We have filled with chocolates, teddy bears, and much more fun stuff, and are so excited to see the kids’ faces when they open them. In addition to Twinkle Totes, we are catering food from Hoboken pizza and bringing baked goods cooked by our very own Ms. Archibald.

In addition, we are so thrilled to say that we have hit our campaign goal of $3k. This past Saturday my team and I did a polar plunge at Marine Street Beach in celebration (we were freezing our butts off) of this amazing achievement. We met the Helpful Honda Team at our polar plunge and their amazing organization was kind enough to donate many many goods that will go towards our Easter celebration.

I know, I know, I always end these posts with an absurd amount of gratitude to our amazing warm-hearted community, but I will never stop giving this enthusiasm with my thank you’s, even if it is repetitive. We truly could not have had a successful Valentine’s Day or Christmas without a community outreach pool like you guys. Thank you all so much for your support this Valentine’s, and we cannot wait to celebrate tomorrow!

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