Ears to a great Easter!

My team and I are so excited to celebrate Easter with both the San Diego Rescue Mission in SD AND at Family Gateway in DTX. We are officially expanding, and we are thrilled to announce that we are creating 260 Easter Twinkle Totes!

We are filling these Twinkle Totes with Easter themed gifts, and we are hosting an Easter egg hunt for the kids at the Rescue Mission. We are planning on filling our Easter Twinkle Totes with things like hand sanitizers, stuffed animals, eye masks, fuzzy socks, easter themed notepads, and more.

We are hand delivering these Twinkle Totes to the Rescue Mission on March 23rd and hand-delivering them to Family Gateway on April 5th.

My team and I have been working incredibly hard fundraising for this Easter and are so excited for you guys all to see what we do with your generous donations. This past Valentine’s Day and Christmas was amazing at the Rescue Mission, and we can’t wait to spread our Holiday Fairy Magic to the children at Family Gateway in Dallas.

We truly appreciate our community that has allowed us to make Easter so incredibly special for this many kids. We cannot wait for our celebration!

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